Transitional Kindergarten Program

Saint Anne’s transitional kindergarten program for children age 4 years old, provides the necessary social and academic skills for your child to become a successful and passionate learner. Our goal is to foster a love for learning, develop a strong sense of self while empowering them to achieve a balance between the social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language domains.

Our program is based on the California Kindergarten Common Core State Standards with focused instruction in Literacy and Religion. Rooted in the Catholic faith, the transitional kindergarten program promotes the spiritual and moral growth of each student while developing a sense of Catholic identity and connection to the larger school body.

The daily schedule includes age-appropriate whole group instruction and activities, small group instruction and independent and “hands-on” learning. We see parents as valued learning partners and welcome their involvement in their child’s education. This combination of goals and objectives provides the foundation for your child to become confident, compassionate, knowledgeable leaders that show empathy for the world and its inhabitants.