Service Hours

Saint Anne parents are required to normally complete 40 hours of service to Saint Anne School and parish.  During this current COVID Pandemic, parents were required to do only 15 hours of service.  Now that we are past the COVID crisis, parents area required to do 24 hours during the school year. Some of the many ways parents can normally do service includes:

–  Contributing office supplies throughout the year
– Helping during lunch with the food program
–  Contributing to bake sales
–  Helping at lunch recess or in our Day Care afterschool
–  Helping teachers with supplies or in projects that can be done at home
–  Helping at our annual Jog-A-Thon, Halloween, or Christmas events
–  Donating items for the Mexicali or other service projects
–  Driving students to and from sports events or Mariachi events
–  Donating items for the annual Dinner/Dance or setting it up  
–  Helping with minor maintenance in the school
–  Assisting the student council activities

Fundraising Requirements

Parents are asked to support the school through fundraising as the tuition collected is only part of the funds needed to run the school successfully.  Due to COVID there may be some changes in the requirements this coming year, however, normally parents are expected to participate in the following:

–  Wrap and Gift Sale (50% goes towards fundraising)
–  Chocolate Sale (50% goes towards fundraising)
–  Jog-A-Thon, $100 per family (Required each year, 100% goes towards fundraising commitment)
–  $150.00 for two tickets for the Dinner/Dance (Required)